"So what did I think, Todd? I think it's great. Your Impotent Avenger is lively, it's funny, it's serious and sad, it's real and true and it's risky as hell. You'll never get it published."

--John Colapinto, novelist & staff writer, The New Yorker

"Farley's account is often downright funny…. his anecdotes add up to sharp criticism of 

an industry deeply entwined in our education system. “

 --Sarah Halzack, Washington Post Book World 

“One of the best education books of the decade”

 --Steve DiMattia, Jacksonville Examiner 

“This book is dynamite! The nice personal voice (biting anger, conveyed with delicious 

humor) makes it utterly accessible and enticing—i.e., a good story, wholly apart from the terribly important ammunition it provides to those of us in the ‘testing wars’ at national and 

local levels.”

--Jonathan Kozol, author of Savage Inequalities 

“I’m wild about this book.” 

 --Alfie Kohn, author of The Case Against Standardized Testing 

“…painfully funny… This revealing account is full of dark humor and asks many 

disturbing questions that will rouse debate among educators and concerned general 


 --Foreword Magazine

"A scathing, humorous look inside the standardized testing industry…one of the year’s best…”

 --Alexander Russo, This Week In Education

"Making the Grades is simultaneously amusing and enraging, and should be read by anyone who has any stake in what these tests mean, and what they don't.”

--Linda Perlstein, public editor, Education Writers Association 

“…the scariest book of 2009 …. If even ten percent of what author Todd Farley writes in

this damning critique of the testing world is true, then we’re all in deep, deep trouble. 

 --Patti Hartigan, True/Slant

“…a shocking, hilarious, and fiercely urgent story.”

--Dan Brown, author of The Great Expectations School 


"Making the Grades is an enlightening, entertaining, and eye-opening look at the use and misuse of standardized tests….This book is a humorous yet sobering glimpse at the testing arena--a must-read for policymakers and pundits enchanted by high-stakes tests.” 

--Dennis Van Roekel, President, National Education Association 

“…it comes as quite a shock to read Mr. Farley's tale…”


“Mr. Farley is an engaging writer who tells an often hilarious story--hilarious until you 

remind yourself that these graders, making their hasty and often half-baked judgments, are affecting children's futures. Highly recommended." 

--Charles Murray, co-author of The Bell Curve 

Making the Grades by Todd Farley is a devastating look at the U.S. standardized testing industry… written with great humor and aplomb.”

 --Evergreen Review 

“…I almost forgot to laugh at the quite hilarious accounts of test-grader incompetence and idiocy… Farley’s tales of foreigners who don’t understand English and basic incompetents cause me to pause. Believable or comic exaggeration? Each reader will have to decide. He does tell a good story. 

 --Susan O’Hanian, Education Review